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The way forward

I have worked for many years using mediation to solve disputes.  It is a really powerful tool and offers so many benefits.  The outcome from mediation always amazes me.  Two people often very stuck in their mindset and disagreement, come together and always the outcome is great.  Great for the individuals and the organisation they work within.  I have worked a lot in Schools and small business's, where close relationships are key to the business success, but where passion for the job can create tension and disagreement working in a small office environment. 

Mediation lends itself well to addressing many of the common conflicts that exist in the workplace.  It has emerged as one of the most effective and successful means of resolving conflict, and is particularly effective when there is a need or wish to maintain relationships. 

What is mediation?

Mediation is an interests-based process for resolving disputes through dialogue.  An independent third party, known as a mediator, facilitates a conversation between the individual parties that are in dispute, with a view to helping them reach a satisfactory outcome.

  • The emphasis in mediation is on helping the individuals take responsibility for the outcome

  • The mediation process focuses on the needs and interests of the individuals taking part

There are many benefits;

The mediation process allows individuals to reflect on their contribution to the conflict and to listen to and express their concerns, feelings and fears: they talk about the things that matter most.  As a consequence, they feel respected, supported, valued and treated with dignity, which they often attribute in part to the mediator and to the Organisation.  This fosters loyalty and staff retention.

Mediation can bring about a conclusion to a dispute relatively swiftly. 

Mediation empowers the individuals to take full responsibility for the outcomes of the process.  This increases the possibility that they will settle the dispute, and that the outcome reached will be acceptable to both..