Should we excuse bad behaviour?


Sometimes we believe that others are behaving badly. To handle this, we rush in with ideas of why they are doing it, maybe to hurt us, to upset and ruin our lives, because they are fools….

If a child behaves badly, we react somewhat differently. Mostly, we try to stay calm, to calm them down, we seek to understand, are they tired, upset, hungry, sad. Would we do better to apply this approach to others, Instead of immediately assuming they are a bad person? Could the childlike persons behavior be as a result of the inner child and are we therefore attacking the infant.

Could we give more time to reason, sooth, rather than arguing or accusing.

Perhaps we could all look more closely at our communication styles, ideally being able to understand our own moods, speak clearly and with confidence, without anger or malice, and have faith. Unfortunately this rarely happens and are so often really only adults by our years rather than our inner maturity. We make it difficult for others to understand and they are therefore unable to offer sympathy and yet we are raged by their misunderstanding.

To learn and understand emotional intelligence and to practice communication would serve us all well, and we would realize the burden is on us all to me more sober, serene and kind.